Tajwid Ijazah Certification


The ijāzah in the Holy Quran is a certification which recognizes that the bearer has recited the Holy Quran from start to finish with complete application of the rules of tajwīd and authorizes its bearer to teach and pass on the same ijāzah in turn. All teachers in the track as well as the Tajwid Committee hold the same ijāzah through a connected sanad directly from the Prophet (s) on the recitation of Hafs. The Ribaat Quran Ijazah is issued by Rabata and the Ribaat Academic Institute and authorized by the Ribaat Tajwid Committee. 

Through this program, students will work individually with their instructors to memorize and recite the Holy Quran from start to finish and will learn Al-Jazariyyah, a poem dedicated to the science of tajwīd, as well as other requirements as assigned. Each student will be paired with a certified tajwīd teacher, either online or locally, with whom she will work one-on-one. 

This program will be complete when the student has recited the entire Quran to one tajwīd teacher, and passes a series of oral examinations with a tajwīd committee, having demonstrated the ability to apply and explain the rules of tajwīd. In order to earn this ijāzah, students will need to travel to meet and recite to a tajwīd committee in person. Details of this travel will be shared later with students who are accepted to the program.

Prerequisites: Students should be women above the age of 17.

Applicants should have a passing grade in all of the below courses. Some requirements can be waived by submitting a placement test for Tajwid and/or Arabic.

  1. Students should be women above the age of 17.
  2. Tajwid Level 1
  3. TAJ 201: “Tajwīd Part 1: Letters & Phonetics”.
  4. TAJ 202: “Tajwīd Part 2: Rules & the Rhythm of Recitation”
  5. TAJ 301: “Quran Khitmah Project”
  6. TAJ 402: “Quran Memorization: Juz' Amma”
  7. TAJ 405: "The 5 Juz' Tajwid Ijazah"
  8. Successful completion of Arabic Intermediate Beginner 3 or equivalent
  9. Ability to read the Holy Quran fluently with full application of the rules of tajwīd and few errors.
  10. Knowledge of the points of articulation (makhārij), letter attributes (ṣifāt), and all tajwīd rules.

Tajwid Placement:

New students in the Ribaat Tajwīd Program should complete an assessment with a tajwīd assessor. Based on that, they will receive a recommendation on the best course to start with. To arrange an appointment, kindly email tajwid.assess@rabata.org, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible inshallah.

Course Requirements: Students are expected to be present at scheduled meeting times and recite the assigned amount with a Ribaat tajwid teacher. While students will begin this journey online (through FaceTime, Whatsapp call, or other apps), they are expected to be on camera for all recitation sessions, and will be required to travel periodically to complete the final stages of recitation in person. 

 Registration Fee: Non-refundable, non-transferable

  • $30 per month until successful completion of the ijazah.
  • Auditing is not available for this certification

Contact: For inquiries, contact registration@rabata.org