Ramadan Ready Workshop 2024 

Instructor: Anse Dr. Tamara Gray & a panel of Rabata instructors
Duration: 7 hours


Feeling unready for Ramadan? Not sure about the rules? Want a deeper connection to Allah during this special month?

Join us for this workshop with a line-up of Ribaat instructors to prepare mentally, spiritually, and practically for the blessed month. The workshop will cover a variety of topics ranging from spiritual connection, fasting rules, how to best experience the month, and how to create a Ramadan experience in your home and beyond, to ensure that you are geared up and ready to benefit from this blessed month to the utmost!


Ready for Ramadan!

Preparation for Ramadan involves many aspects and facets. To get the most benefit out of this sacred season, we need to fully prepare our homes, schedules, responsibilities, and relationships, while also preparing ourselves internally. Anse Dr. Tamara will share the benefits of knowing our own personality types and how to handle others’ personalities, with reminders to keep our focus on the blessed month.


Optimize Your Energy For Ramadan

Mid-day slump? Post-iftar sugar crash? Feeling constantly parched and fearing dehydration? Join us for this valuable session with Anse Dr. Saadia Mian with sound advice for enhancing and optimizing your energy and health this Ramadan. She will share knowledge on which labs it would be beneficial to check, which vitamins and supplements can help, how to best hydrate and navigate digestive issues, and more.


Quran Reading Journey

The blessed month of Ramadan, also known as the month of the Quran, is a prime time to develop and deepen our relationship with the Quran. Overcome the anxieties and embrace the process as Anse Najiyah reminds us that our relationship with the Quran is a journey.


Ramadan without Fasting

Spending Ramadan, or even part of it, without fasting can at times make one feel devoid of the blessings and rewards of the blessed month. Anse Najiyah will offer some ways to feel the spiritual sacredness in Ramadan, even when you’re not fasting.


Healing the Heart with Ramadan

This is a month for spiritual reflection and developing taqwa (God-consciousness), but doing so through a hurting heart can be a challenge. Anse Dr. Marah will offer some spiritual insight and advice in this session to help access the healing potential of this blessed month.


Fast & Friendly Fiqh of Fasting

Once Ramadan arrives and the fasts begin, the questions start pouring in. Do medical examinations break my fast? What do I do if I'm pregnant? Can I get a vaccine or a vitamin shot? At what time should I stop eating?

Whether it is your first time fasting or you're in need of a refresher, Anse Eamaan will run through the main rulings and common areas of confusion, what actions break the fast, and what actions do not. Find confidence in your faith practice in this session on fasting and Ramadan.


Ramadan, a Time for Community, Converts, and Connection

Navigating new spaces can prove challenging but often worthwhile as a way to build community and create a support network around worship and faith in practice. The Holy month of Ramadan, which we all share, is a great opportunity to create and cultivate these connections. Anse Kiashe will share reflections and advice on finding connection and creating community during the sacred month of Ramadan.


Spiritually uplifting songs of praise and remembrance with some of Rabata’s favorite nasheed singers.


  • Participants should be women above the age of 17.


  • Registration fee is $35.00
  • Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Registered students will have access to the forum and recordings until April 30, 2024
  • Installment plans are not available for this workshop.
  • Full and partial scholarships are available. To request financial aid, please email registration@rabata.org

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