Short Course on Death and Dying (in Person at RCC)

Course Category: Short Course

Instructor: Anse Dr. Tamara Gray & Rabata Instructors

Course Dates: August 4, 5, 6, 2024

Days: Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pm CST on Sunday

12:00 - 2:00 pm CST on Monday & Tuesday

Location: Rabata Cultural Center, 3533 Lexington Ave N, Arden Hills, MN 55126

This is a hybrid course. Students may choose to attend in person at the Rabata Cultural Center, or attend partially online. To attend entirely online, Click Here to register.

Course Description: 

Death is a reality that we all face, whether our own death or the loss of those who are dear to us. This short course with Anse Dr. Tamara Gray and partner Rabata instructors will guide us through the process so that we can walk through this final of life's trials with courage and grace.
The course will start on Day 1 with the journey of death, following the soul's travel from a temporal world to the unseen world and into the afterlife. On Day 2 we will cover the fiqh of death: how to wash the body and legal rulings regarding the washing of the dead, including a hands-on session to practice the rituals of washing the dead. The course will close off on Day 3 with the reality of those left behind, the experience of grief, and how to carry our grief as women of faith.

Course Prerequisites:

Students should be women above the age of 17.

Course Logistics:

  • Designed in an easy to follow format.
  • Recordings available to registered students
  • Based on the aqida of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama'a.

Course Requirements: 

This is an online course so students will need:

  • Access to internet with an internet speed of at least 2 Mbps recommended for best performance. 
  • Headphones, camera and microphone may be required for in-class participation. 
  • To access the live class and recordings, students will need a computer, smartphone, or tablet/iPad with the Zoom app.

Text: none required

Students are responsible for ordering their textbooks before the start of class. Ribaat textbooks are available to enrolled students at a discounted rate through Rabata Bookshop. Once enrolled, students will have access to the discount code through the course forum.


Registration fee (non-refundable, non-transferable):

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